Rwina, cd Kasba

Kasba & MarthitaKasba music group mixes cultures and sounds into the best of worlds. Music has no borders and neither do musicians. Jazz, reggae, funk, gnawa, raï and rock whip you into a frenzy dancing mood.

The group performs in a variety of countries, from the Netherlands to Belgium, France, Mexico, Colombia, Tunisia and of course Morocco.

Ending 2014 Kasba came up with a new CD called Rwina.


Listen to Rwina

You can find the official video of the song Chicara underneath.

Rwina achterkant




Official Video Kasba




The making of … very Unofficial



The new album Rwina is available @ iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Rhapsody, 7Digital & Amazon



1 februari 2015
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