Joop van Hezik

Joop van Hezik

Joop van Hezik (Hedel, NL, 1959) achieved his master degree in 1989. He studied cultural, social and political philosophy, and economic anthropology at the Catholic University of Nijmegen.

He founded ‘Bureau for sustainable development issues Ecotopia’ after working for consultancies for a number of years.

Van Hezik is co-founder of ChancEd, opportunities & education for Philippine children. He served as group chairman of the leftish political party GroenLinks in the Provincial Council of Noord-Brabant, and as alderman in Oisterwijk (2003-2012).

Since 2013 Van Hezik works as consultant biodiversity and green economy at the European Centre for Nature Conservation, as well as director of the Nature Assisted Health Foundation. He is member of congress of European Green Parties.

Joop published Reconsidering Utopia, translated from Dutch, in 2014.