Frank van Empel

Frank van Empel Frank van Empel, Tilburg 1954, former political and economic editor of the Dutch national weekly’s Haagse Post and Elsevier and newspaper NRC Handelsblad. He is a sharp and creative thinker and writer. The economist and social scientist Van Empel left journalism in 1997 and became an independent writer. He is known to be a maverick. Some books of his hand since then are: ‘Eigen Doel’, ‘Eurodenken’, ‘Wegen naar Verandering’ en ‘Beleef 2030, vier toekomst scenario’s voor de energiewereld’.

Frank van Empel achieved a Ph.D in 2012. The thesis was called ‘Allemaal Winnen, regionale duurzame ontwikkeling (ecolutie)‘. A new conceptual framework, toolbox and ecolution matrix evolve from the novelistic written 550 pages. The ecolution approach can be applied by individuals, organizations and communities in order to reach a higher ecological, economic, socio-cultural and psychological level.

notebook Frank van EmpelIn 2013 Van Empel published the English follow-up of Allemaal Winnen, together with his partner in life, love and work, Caro Sicking. This book is called ‘JES! Towards a joint effort society’. In JES! the ecolution approach is applied to the world and the perspective of a new political engagement model is being sketched.

JES! describes economic, ecological, socio-cultural and psychological developments and shows how awareness can lead to a flourishing society where all live the life they have reason to value.

Frank van Empel and Caro Sicking together have five children, they founded Afrisinia to support the Frank van Empelyoungsters of the a-like named Ethiopian youth circus and walk long walks with their dogs in the woods.

Readers are cordially invited to engage in the debate on a joint effort
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