Caro Sicking

Caro SickingSharp, sparkling, fast and real. Caro Sicking’s novels are fascinating claims for justice, but you can laugh out loud reading them as well. Her latest novels written in Dutch are Asfour,  Nin and Wat de Hel!
Sicking is an activist writer of books, blogs and articles. Non-fiction too.

In 2013 JES! towards a joint effort society was published. She wrote this book with her partner in life, love and work, Frank van Empel. JES! is a popular scientific reading that sketches a new political engagement model.
In a joint effort society all contribute and all reap the fruits of the cooperation, together. This leads to a society where all live a life of meaningful wellbeing, here and now, there and later. JES! is the English follow-up of the thesis Allemaal Winnen, regionale duurzame ontwikkeling (ecolutie) Frank van Empel co-authored.Caro Sicking

Caro Sicking and Frank van Empel enjoy having five children together. They founded Afrisinia to support the youngsters of the a-like named Ethiopian youth circus and they stroll the woods together with their three dogs, each day.

Readers are cordially invited to engage in the debate on a joint effort society.

Mail Caro: caro @ nonfixe . nl