Controversy on JES! Towards a Joint Effort Society

The Review Board / Miss No Labels set out to discuss JES! Towards a Joint Effort Society. Controversy and Unleashed agreed on 8 stars out of ten.

Here’s why:

Controversial Thoughts

“JES! Towards a Joint Effort Society” by   Frank van Empel & Caro Sicking examines the multitude of ways where we, as a society, can improve not only our individual way of life, but the way of life for many. This is indeed a pretty intriguing political read that makes a person think about how things are going around them as well as about those that they care.

This read reminds me of “Be the Change!” in the concept and context of how to improve our surroundings as well as self by engaging with our surroundings as well as those who are already engaging in our surroundings in order to move together in the same direction in the name of Achieving a Common Societal Goal.

It would be imperative to state that this book takes on a feel of one Phillip Jack Brooks (AKA former multiple time WWE Champion CM Punk), as he sits Indian style and inquires if he has the attention of everyone at this present time. That specific feeling comes from this book, giving me a sense of “Pay Attention to the message that is being conveyed, for there will be some DEEP dialogue that is about to be spoken.”

I LOVE that there are several writers out there who are looking at this topic and speaking on this topic. Of course, there will ALWAYS be those who are accustomed and satisfied with the status quo that is occurring today, and will thumb their nose at the ideas, thoughts, views, and opinions of the writers of “JES! Towards a Joint Effort Society”.

MOST LIKELY, those people will say something along the lines of Dr. Robotnik’s (AKA Dr. Eggman, antagonist of Sonic the Hedgehog) quote, “A Nice Dream, but dreams were meant to be… Broken.”

I agree with Miss No Labels: very few errors could be found. When this is noticed, it gives the air that there were SEVERAL eyes on the work as well as SEVERAL eyes were on the research that was put into this book.

The footnotes at the bottom of the pages is an “A++” in my book, and I DO NO


My only downside is that it can get wordy, and your eyes can get crossed.

Survey Says: 8 out of 10 Stars.

Frank van Empel & Caro Sicking’s “JES! Towards a Joint Effort Society” is indeed a thought provoker, and a good one at that. Give it a whirl, get lost in the information, and see if Frank and Caro have your attention.

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